The Indiana Regional Sewer District's Association (IRSDA) was formed to help address the unique issues faced by regional sewer and water districts. Our mission is to be supportive and share information that is critical and focused on the role of regional districts in protecting the environment and public health while also supporting economic development and providing a public convenience. At the same time, volunteers involved in management of the IRSDA share a commitment to individual rights within a democratic society and strive to be proactive parts of the environmental solution rather than adding to the problem.

Many people may not be aware that construction of sanitary sewers in rural areas is quite costly. Add in such factors as a reduction in available grant funds, reduced customer density and lack of other funding sources and the result is monthly sewer bills that are often $60-70 per month or more.

The construction of sanitary sewers can also be unpopular and an economic hardship to low income households. However, not constructing sanitary sewers will not solve the pollution problems and public health concerns presented by failing or inadequate septic systems. In many areas of Indiana, commercial and industrial development and redevelopment is often impossible without public sewers, which could lead to the loss of economic vitality for small communities whose residents then have to travel farther from the community in which they live to their place of employment.

The IRSDA represents approximately 100 Regional Sewer Districts in Indiana. We have become a source of reliable and valuable information for District Boards, managers, and operators. We have also become a dependable resource for our legislators and the regulatory community, having demonstrated knowledge and credibility since the IRSDA was formed.

The IRSDA respectfully invites and encourages your participation in this association. The $50 membership fee provides for postage, printing, and contributes to the Association's annual conference as well as other expenses related to this nonprofit association. Additional IRSDA functions will be dependent upon the needs and wishes of our members.

The IRSDA Board of Directors is made up of utility managers, superintendents, or board members from regional districts across Indiana. We look forward to you joining us in this important environmental cause.